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Today is: 13-Aug-2022

د اقتصاد پوهنځۍ لرليد او ماموريت


د پامير لوړو زده کړو مؤسسې د اقتصاد پوهنځۍ به ټولنې ته د داسې باکيفيته لوړو خدمات وړاندې کړي، چې په ملي او نړيواله کچه د معیارونو سره برابر ، دهیواد لپاره ادارې. مديريتي، سوداګريز، مالي، بشري قوي اړتياوې رفع او بالاخره د هيواد د اقتصادي پرمختګ سبب وګرځي.


The faculty of BBA at PIHE will provide such standard services to society which will cause promotion in national and international level and fulfill requirements in the administrative, managerial, commercial, financial and human resource sectors.


د عصري نړۍ د اقتصادي معاصرو ميتودونو او روشونو څخه په علمي پروګرامونو کې ګټه اخيستنه، ترڅو د ليسانس په کچه د محصلانو روزنه د علمي او څړنيزو لارو ترسره او د پوهې د کچې د لا پراختيا سبب وګرځي.


Utilization of modern economical methods in academic programs in order to train students through academic and researching ways in bachelor level and cause extension in promotion of knowledge .

د پامير لوړو زده کړو مؤسسې اقتصاد پوهنځي لرليد او ماموريت د پوهنځۍ په علمي شورا کې تر بحث کولو وروسته په (۱) پروتوکول او ۵/۱/۱۳۹۹ نيټه ثبت او تاييد ده. او وروسته د مؤسسې په علمي شورا کې تر بحث وروسته تاييد شوه، چې د مؤسسې په (۳) پروتو کول او ۲۶/۵/۱۳۹۹ نيټه ثبت شوه.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The faculty of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is the most important and is a demanded faculty in the current era. The program aims at developing students' intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of general education with business. The course of BBA program is designed for those who are trying to prepare themselves for managerial responsibilities. It will help them to develop their abilities to recognize and solve problems and understand the role of business in the ever changing scenario. Students who wish to attend the bachelor program (BBA) must have passed 10+2 class or its equivalent. Their 12th class certificate must have been issued from a recognized board of the country. Students having obtained 12th class certificate in foreign countries should first step into verification of their documents from the relevant sources as well as MoHE of Afghanistan.
The total duration of BBA faculty is about 4 years consisted of 8 semesters. Each semester is completed in about 4-5 months which is divided into two terms. Completing 8 weeks by covering half credit hours, students should take their mid-term exam. The second term is also containing about two months by covering 8 weeks again. All the next semesters are followed according to the above system. The administration always has the right to change the lesson, exams and holidays system due to change in its policy in according to the rules of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.