Pamir university is one of the private universities, established in 2011 in Khost Province of Afghanistan. It is the first private university in South-east Zone of Afghanistan which is registered with the ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan (Reg.# 40/72). Pamir is now operating in four sections (BBA,BCS,LLB and BEL) along with three Diploma programs such DBA,DIT and DEL. So for, we have four batches graduated for the mentioned faculties who are now working with government and non-government organizations inside and outside Afghanistan. Pamir always tries to maintain its quality according to its slogan which is (QUALITY IS OUR GOAL). Considering needs of Khost people, Pamir plans to upgrade its higher education from bachelor level to Master, establish some branches in the nearby provinces. Pamir welcomes all Afghans who want to attend standard higher education without considering tribe and race, and wish all the best for the future of Afghanistan.



Bachelor of Computer Science


Bachelor of Business Administration


Law and Political Science


Bachelor in English Language

Diploma Programs & Short Courses

Diploma in Information Teachnology

Afg 1000/month

Diploma in Business Administration

Afg 1000/month

Diploma in English Language

Afg 1000/month

BCS Short Courses
Web Development,Desktop Development,Mobile Application,Networking

Afg 1000/month

BBA Short Courses

Afg 1000/month

LLB Shart Courses
داساسي قانون تحليل،حقوقي عریضې،جلب،استعلام،،قرارونه

Afg 1000/month

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